Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Is The Rumored Apple Tablet Worth It?

On Wednesday, January 27, Apple is planning a media event to announce new products, one of which is the highly anticipated tablet. This forthcoming device is said to be larger than an iPhone and, like the iPhone, will have a large focus on gaming. The device is rumored to run Mac OS, just like Apple's laptops and desktops, and will feature iPhone OS capabilties, of course including a glossy touchscreen surface. Apple seems to be placing more emphasis in gaming and eBooks, however, partnering alongside popular gaming companies such as EA Games and Harper-Collins, a popular book publishing company. This is a rare move, considering Apple has always place great emphasis on the music industry and the top rated iTunes Music Store.

The question of price is being raised. With Apple recently dropping their prices store-wide last August, the rumors of price for the tablet have been the most talked about speculation. When the rumors first began to spread about an tablet device from Apple, a price breakdown of the device brought a total price within a range of $600 to $800. However, recently Apple Insider reported that due to some minor glitches, the release of the tablet could be pushed back to June and, Apple Insider also claimed that the price could be raised to $999. So questions begin to raise. Why would I spend the money on a smaller computer when I could spend the same amount on a little bit bigger laptop? Is it worth the touchscreen capabilities?

What do you think?
Would you rather have a new larger, iPhone-like device; or would you rather spend the same or a similar amount of money on a reliable laptop that has already been on the market?

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